D’Yari: The Gift

February 20, 2016, 8:00 pm

Blue Mountains Theatre

D’yari (the Gift) is a unique and moving production celebrating the exchange of music, dance and culture. 12 years ago the talented Muharrem Aslan was welcomed to Australia as a Kurdish refugee, carrying his passion for his music and culture with him. In the midst of upheaval, he made many new friends, including the musicians, Colin Berryman and Dimitri Vouros, and they played in a band called Heval (Friends).


Muharrem’s saz, Colin’s sitar and Dimitri’s clarinet and Indian Bansuri had remarkable affinities, deeply rooted in centuries of cross cultural encounters. Now the three musicians have reunited, and joined with four outstanding Blue Mountains’ percussionists and dancers to share music and stories from Muharrem’s world.


D’yari presents traditional Kurdish, Indian and Greek melodies, as well as newly created music and dance pieces, inspired by the classic Kurdish love story Mem and Zin. Music, dance and story are the vehicles for emotions that cannot always be spoken aloud. The audience is invited to share this deep and palpable expression of loss, yearning for home, love and joy.


Muharrem has performed in Turkey, UK, Europe and Australia, and his virtuosic saz playing and vibrato vocals are hypnotic. This is a rare opportunity to see him collaborate with this ensemble composed of master percussionists, musicians and dancers who are in demand to perform and teach throughout Australia and internationally.


D’yari is directed by Peter Kennard (Master percussionist and guitarist) and includes Devi Mamak (Director of Ghawazi Caravan Dance Troupe and pianist), John May (African influenced percussion) and Emily Cooper (African and contemporary dance), from the Hands Heart Feet Troupe, Dimitri Vouros (flutes and clarinet), Colin Berryman (Indian sitar) and Muharrem Aslan (vocals and saz).


The project is supported by the Blue Mountains City of the Arts Trust Cultural Grants program.


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Tickets can be purchased through the Box Office on 4723 5050 or online here.