August 11, 2017, 8:00 pm

Blue Mountains Theatre

The song writing genius of David Bridie combined with the glorious strings of Helen Mountfort’s cello and Hope Csutoros’ violin are high in the curious collision of elements that have made My Friend The Chocolate Cake a big concert draw, triple ARIA winners and a vivid presence on countless film and TV soundtracks for more than two and a half decades. Their album history is a multi-dimensional mural of modern Australia that illustrates its geography, its political mores and its predominantly suburban identity, all by the kind of stealth that makes the most haunting, exhilarating and enduring pop music.

Australian pop-noir icons, the bands collective musical influences are diverse and include: Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Irish & Scottish folk music, Joy Division & folk / pop / rock performers such as Billy Bragg, Arvo Part, Talk Talk, John Cale & Michelle Shocked. My Friend The Chocolate Cake write songs of lyrical & musical mastery about people, characters and their community. Defying categorisation, the band perform emotive musical pieces that move from subtle chamber instrumentals to frayed acoustic pop, and songs of wry observation. By no means formal in their presentation, My Friend The Chocolate Cake travel between atmospheric and ambient through to full scale romps and ballads. The band offer a unique and unsurpassed combination of moods.

David Bridie says his latest album, The Revival Meeting is “a collection of songs in which the protagonist (who could be you, who could be me, who could be the woman next door) is trying to find their place in an increasingly mad world… Songs that seek out beauty in the simple, wisdom in the plain, sparkle in the ordinary. To see the world through a similar prism to the Sydney painter Jeffrey Smart – urban landscapes, stark portrayals of contemporary life, the joy of shape and light and colour. Songs about love and small noises and futility and travelling and vague notions of justice and dying, the Pacific and balloons and odd people. Instrumentals from both ends of the spectrum, that make you tap your feet, or ponder. Songs with three notes in them, beats that hammer, chords that ring out, tunes that meander and make you shrug your shoulders, melodies to make you hum or single along. Cello is the voice, Violin the expression, and piano notes ring out through the valley.”

Tickets: $49; $45 Concession; $25 Children under 14 years

Tickets can be purchased at the Box Office, on 4723 5050 or online here.