Sydney Balalaika Orchestra – Siberian Adventure

July 9, 2017, 2:00 pm

Blue Mountains Theatre

The internationally renowned  Sydney Balalaika Orchestra (SBO) is a 28 piece Russian folk orchestra that has captivated audiences in Moscow, St Petersburg, Khabarovsk and Beijing to Auckland, Sydney and throughout Australia.  Under the direction of Victor Serghie, the Sydney Balalaika Orchestra has long been renowned amongst the concert going public for its sublime performances.

A microcosm  of our diverse multicultural country, SBO comprises musicians from origins as diverse as Russian, Swiss, Armenian, Serbian, American and Chinese, as well as Australian.   In 2005  the orchestra received the first of many invitations to perform in the far east and has since toured five times throughout Russia and three times to China to much critical acclaim.

Dressed in stunning Russian costumes, SBO will take to the stage of the Blue Mountains Theatre to perform on authentic Russian folk instruments (Balalaika, Bayan, Domra, Cimbalom), creating intricate and beautiful arrangements of authentic Russian folk music where the mellow, melancholic themes are juxtaposed by the lively, energetic melodies. Vibrant  soulful and beautiful, the music captures the essence and magic of Russia with themes of the countryside, trees, rivers and lakes and, of course, love – often unrequited.

Tickets: $28; $25 Concession

This will be an unforgettable Sunday afternoon concert at the Hub!