The Three Seas

June 14, 2020, 3:00 pm

Blue Mountains Theatre

The Three Seas is an international cross-cultural project, fusing Australian jazz with West Bengali folk music to create a unique and soulful sound that radiates joy and resonates universally.

The ensemble is led by Australian composer and saxophonist Matt Keegan whose search for new experience and sounds first drew him to India in 2009. It was in the beautiful town of Santiniketan that he first met these wonderful West Bengali musicians and understood that a collaboration with colleagues from Australia could create something really special.

The Three Seas is fronted by Baul singer Raju Das, who’s full-hearted voice and radiant stage presence is accentuated by his mastery of the khamak and its danceable rhythms. The Bauls are a nomadic tribe with a rich cultural heritage and their own language, dance and musical style. Generations of Raju’s family have lovingly passed down these traditions with a deep emphasis on spirituality and a heartfelt focus on the vast energetic presence within the human body, as expressed through song and dance. Some of The Three Seas pieces are modern interpretations of ancient Baul songs that celebrate this spirit.

Darjeeling-born singer and multi-instrumentalist Deaoashish Mothey contributes soulful vocals and sound effects in a Himalayan style. He also plays an array of West Bengali stringed instruments including the dotora and esraj producing intricate and mesmerising riffs. Drummer Gaurab Chatterjee from Kolkata is a member of the popular Bengali rock band Lakkhichhara. He is also fluent in traditional West Bengali folk percussion beats and feels. Master bassist Steve Elphick introduces the deep grooves that underpin the energetic and uplifting musical alchemy of The Three Seas.
The Three Seas
Sunday 14 June, 3pm
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