Opened in 1988, Braemar Gallery functions as a community gallery, hosting changing exhibitions that showcase works of local and regional artists. Situated in beautiful historic Braemar House, the gallery is a valuable community venue. Braemar has a particular interest in displaying works by local artists. Over time, the gallery has become well known for high standard art works of various mediums.



Sanja Zemljacenko Herrmann

Sublime and Transient
16 August – 9 September 2018

Sublime and Transient presents a series of paintings and drawings by Sanja Zemljacenko Herrmann, documenting her encounters with fleeting moments, of beauty and awe, of time and place, of mindfulness and reverence. The immediate environment surrounding the artists home, on the edge of the Blue Mountains National Park, where the transient nature of life is constantly echoed in the rapidly changing effects of light, of seasons and weather, and cycles of regeneration, has provided the inspiration for this body of work.

Image: SANJA ZEMLJACENKO HERRMANN First Light – Sublime Point Reserve 2018, oil on canvas, 76 x 76 cm


Rhett Brewer and Anthony Cahill
On the Road
16 August – 9 September 2018

On The Road is a two person exhibition of paintings by Blue Mountains artists Anthony Cahill and Rhett Brewer.

Anthony Cahill’s attention is drawn towards the shapes and colours of roadside monuments and playground equipment. These objects from public spaces are channelled through the artist’s private memory, not as the places from a specific journey, but from the images of a lifetime of drawing, painting and observing.

The images that catch Rhett Brewer’s eye act as postcards from his many painting road trips. The paintings are often made on site or worked up from photographs and drawings in the studio. The road may take him to beaches, farmland or remote arid places; or perhaps along more familiar suburban commuter routes.



Image: RHETT BREWER Peek Freans 2018, oil and mixed media on canvas, 36 x 50 cm






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