What Is Backseat Gaming? Exploring the Fun and Challenges

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Have you ever watched someone play a video game and couldn’t resist giving advice or pointing out hidden secrets? That’s what backseat gaming is all about! Backseat gaming is when you’re not the one playing, but you’re still excited to be part of the action by offering tips, suggestions, and comments to the player, just as similar to a backseat driver, who isn’t actually driving but tries to overcome the driver by pointing out directions.

It’s like being the friendly passenger on a gaming journey, ready to share your insights and make the experience even more enjoyable. But it’s not always about fun and games, this can be taken to the other extreme end too, where gamers criticise fellow gamers and make them feel low.

Let’s get in deeper and read more about backseat gamers and how we can identify them and silence them for what they do,

Types Of Backseat Gamers

Backseat gamers come in different flavours, each with their own unique way of joining the gaming fun or annoying. Let’s take a look at some types of backseat gamers and how they bring their own gameplay styles into the mix.

  • The Strategist: This type of backseat gamer is all about strategy. They love analyzing the game, offering tips on how to make the best moves, and suggesting tactics to overcome challenges.
  • The Secret Hunter: The secret hunter is on a mission to uncover hidden gems within the game. They’ll excitedly point out every secret, Easter egg, and the hidden passage they spot, turning the game into a treasure hunt.
  • The Commentator: This backseat gamer provides a running commentary on every move you make. They describe the action, share their thoughts, and make the game feel like a live sports event.
  • The Joker: Bringing humour to the gaming session, the Joker cracks jokes, adds funny commentary, and turns intense moments into lighthearted ones. They’re all about keeping the atmosphere light and fun.

While backseat gaming can add fun and excitement to a gaming session, there’s also a flip side – the negative backseat gamer.

  • The Overbearing Adviser: This kind of negative backseat gamer never stops giving advice, even when it’s not asked for. They might tell you what to do a lot like they’re the boss of the game.
  • The Rule Keeper: Rule keepers are quick to point out if you’re not playing the game exactly right. They might say you’re doing things wrong or not the way they think is best.
  • The Story Spiller: Story spillers are like spoilers – they might ruin the surprises in the game by telling you important stuff you’re supposed to discover on your own.
  • The Know-It-All: Know-it-alls act like they know everything about the game. They might tell you things you didn’t ask for, and it can be kind of overwhelming.

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Avoiding Their Nuisance

If backseat gamers are driving you toward frustration, there are ways to steer clear of their potential irritation. You can kindly tell them when you want their advice and when you’d prefer to explore on your own. For instance, you might say, “I’m checking things out for now, but I’ll ask if I need help.” Another idea is to make it a teamwork thing. Ask them to play together or take turns with you. This can turn their advice into a team effort instead of just them giving opinions.

Backseat Gamer BehaviorHow to Overcome It
Overbearing AdviserLet them know when you want advice, and you want to explore it by yourself.
Rule KeeperSet boundaries, express your style and let them know games are free for all, said rules are not needed here.
Story SpillerAsk them to not spoil it as the suspense and eagerness are a part of gaming.
Know-It-AllSay to them that you want to explore bit by bit alone and don’t need their advice.


In conclusion, backseat gaming can add a layer of fun and engagement to the gaming experience, allowing friends and observers to join in the excitement. Whether they’re offering tips, sharing stories, or just enjoying the game with you, having others around can enhance the overall enjoyment. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance and ensure that everyone is having a positive time.

If you find yourself dealing with negative backseat gamers, remember that it’s okay to address the situation. Open communication is key – let them know how their behaviour is impacting the gameplay and the overall mood. Be sure to approach the conversation with a friendly and understanding intent, focusing on fostering a collaborative and enjoyable gaming atmosphere. After all, the ultimate goal is to have a great time and create memorable moments together. Happy gaming!

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