RØDE NT1 VS Sony ECM-LV1 Lavalier Microphone

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Rating: 4.7 / 1970 Reviews
  • Product Type: Microphone
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Package Dimensions: 1.0" (L) x 1.0" (W) x 1.0" (H)
  • Country of Origin: Australia

Sony ECM-LV1 Lavalier Microphone

Sony ECM-LV1 Lavalier Microphone
Rating: 4.2 / 719 Reviews
  • HIGH QUALITY SOUND: This Lavalier mic delivers crystal clear audio with high quality omni-directional pickup with reduced unwanted noise. Even further improved audio quality when used with the ECM-W2BT wireless microphone and a camera with a multi-interface shoe that supports digital audio capture.
  • FLEXIBILITY: 360-degree rotation clip mic for freedom of horizontal attachment to a necktie, or vertical attachment to a pocket with the microphone attached at the same angle.
  • PORTABLE: A compact design for unobtrusive tie, pocket or lapel mic attachment that can be transported effortlessly.
  • IN THE BOX: Wind screen included to reduce noise when outside in strong winds that may interfere with audio recording.


Are you looking to purchase a microphone but don’t know which one to choose? Do you need to know the difference between the RØDE NT1 Large-Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone and the Sony ECM-LV1 Lavalier Microphone? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll be comparing these two popular microphones to help you make an informed decision.

Design and Build Quality

The RØDE NT1 is a large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone with a sleek, modern design. It has a robust metal body with a black finish, and comes with a shock mount and pop filter for added convenience. On the other hand, the Sony ECM-LV1 is a lavalier microphone with a more traditional design. It is made from lightweight plastic and comes with a clip for easy attachment to clothing.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the RØDE NT1 offers a warm, natural sound with excellent clarity and detail. It is ideal for recording vocals, instruments, and podcasts. The Sony ECM-LV1, on the other hand, offers a crisp, clear sound with stereo sound capture for a wider soundstage. It is perfect for capturing audio in noisy environments, making it ideal for video recordings and interviews.


The RØDE NT1 is designed to be used with a USB or XLR interface, so you can easily connect it to your computer or recording equipment. The Sony ECM-LV1, however, is designed to be used with a 3.5mm audio jack, so you’ll need an adapter to connect it to your computer or recording equipment.


When it comes to price, the RØDE NT1 is more expensive than the Sony ECM-LV1. The RØDE NT1 retails for around $200, while the Sony ECM-LV1 retails for around $100.


The RØDE NT1 and Sony ECM-LV1 are both great microphones, each offering its own unique features and advantages. The RØDE NT1 is ideal for recording vocals, instruments, and podcasts, while the Sony ECM-LV1 is perfect for capturing audio in noisy environments. Both microphones offer excellent sound quality, but the RØDE NT1 is more expensive than the Sony ECM-LV1. Ultimately, the choice of microphone will depend on your needs and budget.

We hope that this blog post has helped you understand the differences and similarities between the RØDE NT1 and Sony ECM-LV1. For more information, please visit the official websites of both products:
RØDE NT1 and Sony ECM-LV1.

Specifications / Attributes

Feature RØDE NT1 Sony ECM-LV1 Lavalier Microphone
Batteries N/A ‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required.
Batteries Included N/A ‎No
Batteries Required N/A ‎No
Brand N/A ‎Sony
Colour ‎Black N/A
Compatible Devices ‎Rode accessories ‎Camera
Connector ‎/ N/A
Connector Type N/A ‎Auxiliary
Date First Available 3 August 2022 ‎12 March 2021
Graphics Card Interface N/A ‎PCI-Express x16
Hardware Interface N/A ‎PCI Express x16
Hardware Platform N/A ‎Camera
Item Model Number ‎NT1 4th Gen ‎ECM-LV1
Item Weight ‎440 g ‎12 g
Manufacturer N/A ‎Sony
Material Type ‎Aluminium N/A
Microphone format N/A ‎Lavalier
Model N/A ‎ECM-LV1
Model Name N/A ‎ECM-LV1
Mounting Hardware N/A ‎Wind Screen, Stereo Lavalier Microphone
Number of items N/A ‎1
Part Number N/A ‎ECM-LV1
Power Source ‎Corded Electric ‎Corded Electric
Product dimensions ‎26.92 x 21.34 x 17.65 cm; 440 Grams ‎29.99 x 5.16 x 12.69 cm; 12 Grams
Proficiency Level ‎Professional N/A
Scale Length ‎Inches N/A
Signal-to-noise ratio (dB) N/A ‎35 dB
Size ‎1" N/A
Special Features N/A ‎Portable
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