Normal Routers vs. Gaming Routers – Why Is a Gaming Router Special?

what does a gaming router do

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Do you like playing online games? Whether it’s the latest Call of Duty or a classic game of Mario Kart, an amazing gaming experience starts with having the right router. A gaming router is a specialized type of router designed to provide faster speeds, better Quality of Service (QoS) features, and often additional security features for gamers. But what does a gaming router do that regular routers don’t? Let’s find out how a high-end gaming router can help skyrocket your online gaming experience. 

What is a Gaming Router? 

So, What is a gaming router? Simply, It is a wireless router specifically developed for gaming. These routers are often equipped with features such as faster speeds, more powerful hardware, and specialized QoS features that help prioritize gaming traffic over less important internet traffic.

They also often come with additional security features to protect your connection from unwanted intrusions. Gaming routers can also be tri-band, which means they have three separate networks so you can dedicate one network just for gaming.

Mostly, they come with gigabit Ethernet ports so you can get the best download speed from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Should I get a Gaming Router?

If you’re serious about video gaming, then getting a gaming router is the way to go. With all of its features and capabilities, it will give you the best online gaming experience possible. It also makes sure that your connection is secure from intrusions, which can be especially important if you’re playing competitively or for money. Finally, if you have multiple devices in your home that are connected to the internet, such as iPads and laptops, then having a tri-band router ensures that no one device is bogging down the entire connection.

what does a gaming router do

What does a Gaming Router do that normal routers don’t? (5 Things)

01. Wi-Fi 6

What is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest version of Wi-Fi technology and is designed to offer improved speeds, better coverage, and increased capacity for connected devices.

It is also more efficient than previous Wi-Fi standards, meaning that it uses less energy to provide the same level of performance. Wi-Fi 6 is becoming increasingly popular among gamers due to its ability to deliver faster speeds and better reliability when connecting multiple gaming devices.

When combined with a gaming router, Wi-Fi 6 can provide a more stable connection for gamers who are streaming or playing online multiplayer games, as well as reducing lag times. This makes it an ideal choice for gamers who want to get the most out of their gaming experience.

How Does Wi-Fi 6 Benefit Gaming Routers?

WiFi 6, also known as 802.11ax, is the newest generation of WiFi technology. It offers several improvements over previous generations, including faster speeds, better reliability, and improved range. This makes it an ideal choice for gaming routers as it can provide gamers with an enhanced online gaming experience.

The main benefit of WiFi 6 for gaming routers is its increased speed. This new technology provides up to four times the speed of previous generations, allowing gamers to enjoy more consistent and reliable connections when playing games online.

Additionally, due to its increased speeds, latency (the time it takes for data to travel from your gaming device to the router and back) is reduced, resulting in smoother gameplay.

Is Wi-Fi 6 Compatible with Existing Devices?

It will be compatible with existing devices that have Wi-Fi 6 certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance. However, some older devices may not be able to take advantage of all the features of WiFi 6.

02. Enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) Features

These features are designed to prioritize the user’s gaming traffic over all other network traffic, which can help reduce lag and improve performance. This ensures that gamers will have access to a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

The most common QoS feature found in a gaming router is traffic shaping, which helps ensure that the router allocates sufficient bandwidth for your game traffic so that it won’t be affected by other applications or devices on the network.

How Do QoS Features Improve Gaming Experience?

The QoS feature works by assigning each type of traffic a priority level based on the user’s preferences.

For example, if you are playing an online game, you can set the QoS to prioritize gaming traffic so that it has the highest priority on the network. This will help to ensure that your gaming traffic is not affected by other applications or devices on the network, resulting in an improved gaming experience.

In addition, some gaming routers also offer features such as bandwidth throttling and packet prioritization, which can provide even more control over how your network bandwidth is allocated.

03. Wired Connections and Faster Speeds

How are Wired Connections Different from Wireless Connections for Gamers?

For gamers, the type of internet connection used can be a major factor in their gaming experience. Wired connections provide a more reliable and stable connection than wireless connections, making them the preferred choice for gamers.

A wired connection is established by connecting an Ethernet cable from your modem or router to your device, such as a gaming console or computer. This provides a direct link between your device and your modem/router and eliminates interference from other devices that may be sharing the same network. The result is faster speeds with less lag time while gaming online.

In contrast, wireless connections use radio waves to transmit data between devices, which can be subject to interference from other devices on the network. This can result in slower speeds or even dropped connections.

What are the Benefits of Faster Speeds for Gamers?

Having a fast internet connection is essential for gamers who want to enjoy an optimal gaming experience. With faster speeds, gamers can benefit from improved latency, fewer lag spikes, and more consistent gameplay. Here are some of the key benefits that gamers can gain from faster speeds:

1. Improved Latency: When gaming, having a higher latency leads to delays in inputs and actions. Lowering your latency will reduce input lag and make the game run smoother by reducing how long it takes for you to see your actions take effect in-game.

2. Better Download Speeds: If you are downloading new games or patches, having a faster download speed will help ensure that you can get your game up and running quickly.

3. Fewer Lag Spikes: Lag spikes occur when the connection between devices is interrupted due to high network traffic or other factors. Having a fast internet connection with fewer lag spikes will make your gaming experience smoother and more enjoyable.

4. More Consistent Gameplay: With a faster internet connection, gamers can experience more consistent gameplay with fewer interruptions due to lag or dropped connections.

04. MU-MIMO technology

Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MUMIMO) technology is a type of wireless transmission protocol that enables multiple devices to access the same WiFi signal without interference or latency issues.

It is used in gaming routers to provide fast and stable connection speeds for gaming consoles, computers, smartphones, and other connected devices. This technology offers increased performance by sending multiple data streams simultaneously over the same channel rather than one at a time.

By doing so, it eliminates lagging and provides a smoother experience when playing multiplayer online games. The most popular MUMIMO-enabled routers are capable of supporting up to seven connected devices at once.

MUMIMO technology is ideal for households with multiple gamers, as it ensures that each device can access the same signal without losing connection or suffering from latency issues. It also eliminates the need for separate networks for each device, allowing all connected devices to share the same network.

In addition to gaming routers, MUMIMO-enabled routers are becoming increasingly popular in office settings due to their ability to support multiple users accessing the internet simultaneously.

what does a gaming router do

05. NAT acceleration

NAT acceleration (also known as game acceleration or gaming acceleration) is a feature of gaming routers that boosts the performance of online and multiplayer games.

It does this by prioritizing game traffic over other types of network data, allowing the gaming router to allocate more resources to the gaming device, resulting in faster speeds and more reliable connections.

NAT acceleration works by ensuring that the packets of data sent from a player’s computer can pass through the router quickly and efficiently; it also helps reduce latency and lag times when playing games online.

In addition, certain gaming routers have features such as QoS (Quality of Service) that allow users to prioritize their gaming traffic over other types of traffic, ensuring that the game is running smoothly.

Standard vs. High-End Routers for Online Gaming

What are the Differences Between Standard Routers and High-End Routers for Online Gaming?

Online gaming requires a reliable internet connection and one of the most important pieces of hardware that can help with that is a router.

Standard routers are typically used in most households but they don’t always provide the best performance when it comes to online gaming. High-end routers, on the other hand, are specifically designed for gamers and offer many features that standard routers don’t have.

The main difference between standard routers and high-end gaming routers is the speed and range they offer. High-end gaming routers usually come with more powerful antennas which allow them to cover larger areas with a stronger signal. This means that gamers can enjoy a smoother and more consistent connection even when playing from far away.

High-end gaming routers also offer features such as MU-MIMO technology, tri-band support, and QoS (Quality of Service) settings which help prioritize gaming traffic over other types of traffic. These features make sure that the game runs smoothly and with minimal latency or lag.

In addition, some high-end gaming routers come with additional ports that allow users to connect more devices to the router without sacrificing speed or reliability. This is especially useful for households with multiple gamers who need to connect multiple devices to the same router.

Overall, high-end gaming routers offer features and performance that standard routers simply can’t match.


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