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What the Fork” is a quirky and chaotic classic couch co-op forklift simulation game that brings a fresh twist to the world of gaming. With its simple yet entertaining gameplay, it’s a fantastic way to spend time with friends or enjoy some solo gaming.

What The Fork Gaming

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at “What the Fork,” exploring its gameplay, challenges, and what makes it unique. While the game has its fair share of issues, there’s still plenty to love about this imaginative forklift adventure.

The Forklift Challenge

The main goal of “What the Fork” is to operate a forklift and load coloured boxes (red, blue, green, or yellow) into corresponding trucks. The more boxes you load, the higher your score, thanks to a nifty multiplier system. Levels are rated between zero and three golden boxes based on your score, which you can use to unlock new forklifts and additional levels.

Early on, the gameplay is straightforward. You move your forklift to the right box, adjust the fork’s height, pick up the box, and drop it off at the truck. You can also use special moves like dashing and dropping or even throwing boxes. In solo play, you control two forklifts, switching between them as needed, while in co-op and multiplayer, each player manages their own forklift.

Exciting and Varied Levels

The game’s levels are where the real fun begins. Some levels challenge you by separating your forklifts, requiring you to navigate environmental hazards, toss boxes across gaps, or interact with switches, conveyor belts, energy fields, and even cannons to get your cargo where it needs to be. The most captivating levels blend these elements into intricate puzzles that test your understanding of the game’s mechanics.

For example, in one area, you use teleporters to transport boxes and maintain their original colours, while in another section, one player retrieves boxes from a lower level and delivers them across a wall to another player who operates a switch to control an elevator and fireboxes into trucks with a cannon. These cleverly designed levels keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

what the fork gaming

Room for Improvement

However, “What the Fork” isn’t without its flaws. The tutorials use only simple pictures without accompanying text, making it unclear at times what you’re supposed to do. Some levels are particularly challenging when played solo, highlighting that the game is best enjoyed as a cooperative experience. Additionally, certain levels have strict timing requirements or camera angles that hinder visibility.

The game also suffers from frequent load times and suboptimal control choices. For instance, the dash and select functions share the same button on the world map, which can lead to accidental level entries. Moreover, the absence of a dedicated button for dropping off boxes can result in accidental placement into trucks or cannons.

Bugs and Technical Hiccups

Bugs are another concern in “What the Fork.” The game occasionally crashes after completing levels, although progress is usually saved. Physics glitches, like forklifts going haywire, can be amusing but disrupt your gameplay and undermine your chances of achieving high scores. Players may also notice stutters in the game’s performance, along with occasional spelling and grammar errors in the dialogue.

Despite its shortcomings, “What the Fork” offers moments of genuine enjoyment. The game’s story mode consists of thirty missions, each lasting around three minutes, allowing players to complete the entire campaign in under two hours.

If you’re looking for more content, you can replay levels to collect additional boxes and improve your scores, or you can explore the free play and versus modes. While unlocking new forklifts may not be the strongest motivator, there’s still plenty to keep you engaged.


In summary, “What the Fork” is a flawed but enjoyable gaming experience that draws inspiration from other titles in the genre. While it may not reach the heights of classics like “Overcooked,” it offers a unique and often clever adventure that could have been exceptional with a bit more polish.

So, if you’re willing to overlook its issues, “What the Fork” has the potential to deliver a good time and memorable moments with friends and family. Happy forklifting!

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